Thursday, October 7, 2010


yes i know i've been a big blog slacker lately. but to be honest, after a day at work (and most of you know ALL about where i work) and coming home to fix supper, do laundry, baths and bed time...well, i'm ready to get in the bed now just talking about it.

we have been doing pretty good lately. papa moore started his chemo treatments a few weeks ago. he's not been too sick from it, but he hasn't been 100% either. he has treatment 2 of 4 today. joanna is growing like a weed. haven't weighed her lately - frankly because i don't want to see what the scale says for me - but i'd guess she's around 20lbs now. eating some table foods and 2nd and 3rd from the jar. she still likes sweet potatoes most, but she doesn't turn away any food. that's probably the reason for all those cheeks, chins and leg rolls.
i've got 2 folks for yall to remember in the coming days, weeks and months. one will be continuing doctor appointments leading up to egg retrieval and invetro soon. she's been dealing with "no" for so long - i sure am praying for a "yes" to come her way. another is still early in the journey and is hoping to not have to go through the shots, pills and doctor appointments. i hope that for her too. praying that good news will be headed her way soon too!