Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy football season

Not much going on around the Chandler house these days. Just sitting back watching our little girl grow so fast. She is starting to say new words as we go along. Saturday at Madison's birthday party she said hot dog. Made sense to us since that's what she was eating. Oh, and happy birthday to Madison too. She's now 11 and is almost grown! Hard to believe she was so tiny when Brad and I got married. Back on track, we now hear a lot of "ut oh" and tea and "pssss" (please). She's excellent at picking out people she knows in pictures. And oh boy does she know where her belly button is. Cutest thing was a few weeks ago Brad asked her where her hair was. She knew and pulled some of it up. I asked her where Daddy's hair was. She patted him on the top of the head and continued to pat all the way down the side of his head until she found some. I laughed until I peed (which used to be funny in itself, but now not so much).

She's getting into dress up stuff and tv more. Her favorite dvd right now is an old Sesame Street alphabet show. Old like 1970s with Lena Horne. She was a little forced into playing dress up a few weekends ago with Mary Grace and Bethany but she's enjoyed it since. We've bought her a few dress up stuff and I made her a tu-tu this past weekend.
Dressed up at Mimi's

Watching Bert and Ernie
Trying out the tu-tu at Mane's
We call this her "all pimped out Hawaiian doc" look