Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yep, that's our baby!

Isn't it beautiful? I'm not biased or anything but I think so!
The doctor visit went well except for having to sit in the waiting room for 2 hours with my stomach growling. They should have free snacks for us pregnant women while we wait - at least a juice box or something.
Dr. Ashurst examined me and said that everything looks and feels wonderful. He didn't give me a due date on paper but said that we would go by the IUI date so that would make it March 10th. And there is just one from what we saw on the ultrasound. Knowing that has put me at ease since all these twins scenarios with awful outcomes had been running through my head. I seem to be more of a worrier these days. And the more I worry the sicker I get.
Something I've not had to worry about is Brad. He has changed into this man that waits on me hand and foot. AND I'M LOVING IT! He has cut the grass (and it needs it again). He has rubbed my back and my legs. And he will even fix my plate and bring it to me. Y'all just don't know how big of a difference that is! The sweetest thing he has started doing is kissing on my belly. I'm just eating it all up.

Friday, July 17, 2009

6 Weeks

Hard to believe but I'm already six weeks along in my pregnancy. So far the sex has been decided, the liver has started functioning, it has limb buds, the mouth, jaw and esophagus have started forming, and the heart is beating. I know for sure the heart is beating...

Yes, I snuck to the hospital for an early ultrasound. No, I still don't know if it's one or two in there. We saw one heartbeat and then thought we saw another. The second was hard to keep track of so we still aren't sure if there was another there or not. I should find out for sure on Tuesday when I go to the office for another u/s.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Yep it's true

we're pregnant!

June 30th was Brad's birthday and it was just killing me not testing. So I snuck back to the bathroom, dipped my stick and went back to get the brownies out of the oven. I went back to the bathroom and found this...

Called Brad back who was ticked because he thought he'd been summoned to kill a spider. He looked at the test and then looked at me and asked why I was shaking so bad. I couldn't believe it! Finally a positive. But we were cautiously optimistic because the last shot I took could give a false positive. So off to Prattville we went to buy another test. Got back home and tested again about 10:30. I called FL who's exact words were "sounds promising." I know she doesn't want us to get our hopes up but a little bit of enthusiasm wouldn't hurt. I mean, when I called Becky to tell her she spoke in a voice that only dogs could hear. Now that's excitement!
Woke up the next morning and took another test...trifecta

I called doc's office and left a message for Brenda. It took her no time to call back and wanted me to come in asap for blood work. My hcg levels on 7/2 were 266 and progesterone was 26.7. Brenda told me it looks really good but to come back in the next week to make sure my hcg is doubling every 2 days like it should. On 7/9 my hcg was 4095 and progesterone was steady. I'm definitely pregnant! I have my first official ultrasound scheduled for 7/21.
Thank you so much for all the prayers lifted up for me through all this. Y'all have no idea how much it has meant to me and Brad. And please continue to pray for those who have not yet gotten the positive test they are looking for.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

for a really big...HUGE announcement click on the five mockingbirds blog listed under those i stalk...........enjoy

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

Mary Grace and Bethany played on the slip-n-slide. Bethany had some ice cream. We swang, played ball (even Misfit), and blew bubbles. Then we all sat back and enjoyed the fireworks. Hope everyone else had as good of a 4th as I did.