Friday, October 28, 2011


Not exactly how I planned to spend my night. Thursdays at my house are supposed to mean I watch others at a hospital on Grey's Anatomy, not visit one myself. It started about 5:45 with JoAnna vomiting (in the car on the way home - yea!). We were in the ER by 8:00 with hives everywhere. Poor baby even itched in her ears. Of course the ER doc didn't test to see what caused it, but he did make it better. Well, let me tell it like it really is. The doc looked at JoAnna and the nurse made it all happen. They are awesome and I say that not only because my BFF is one, but because it's the gospel. Docs sign their name but nurses bring the magic. So after a few hours of monitoring her and making sure the steroid and benadryl are working we finally get to head home. She was a trooper while we were there! We have an appointment to see Dr. Wood Monday morning.

Moo made it all better


Becky said...

yes...that top pic is the one that made me say Take her right now! my poor angel.